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I am a multidisciplinary tree-ring scientists with an academic background in Forestry Engineering (BSc, MSc) and Historical and Natural Heritage (MA, PhD). My specialisation is the study of wood in the cultural heritage to extract and interpret the cultural, technological, and environmental information it contains. In my research, I set up or collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, and implement multidisciplinary approaches, departing from the wood as material evidence. I am an associate editor of the International Journal of Wood Culture, member of ICOM, ICOMOS and expert member of the ICOMOS International Wood Committee. I am also a member of the Scientific Board of the Association for Tree-Ring Research and a board member of the Dendro4Art initiative of the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD). Main research interests: - Human-environment interactions and ancient forest management practices - Timber supply for shipbuilding and construction purposes in Northern Europe and Iberia since Roman times - Object-based research (dendrochronological dating and provenancing of timbers from archaeological (pre)historical contexts, shipwrecks, buildings and historical art objects) - Non-invasive research of art-historical objects - Historical timber trade in Northern Europe and its links with the Iberian Peninsula - Inspection and sampling of timbers from shipwrecks for dendrochronological research and wood anatomy - Development of long-span tree-ring chronologies



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